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    Coaguchek - XS PT Test StripsCoaguchek - XS PT Test Strips
    Coaguchek - XS PT Test Strips


    Fast result, the Coaguchek strips is safe and comfortable, It’s a two-button operation device. It requires one drop of blood with the help of Softclix XS lancing device onto the strip and inserts strip into the XS device, the CoaguChek® XS will display the results in less than 2 minutes. There are 48 and 24 strips in a box named Coaguchek 24 & Coaguchek 48 The CoaguChek XS system enables accurate INR testing. It also offers the data management capabilities for your healthcare professionals to easily and efficiently manage you remotely. You can use the CoaguChek® XS system hassle-free any time. It is portable and user-friendly. Precision and accuracy is what you get with the Coaguchek INR smart technology.

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    Dexcom G6 CGM Sensor - 3-PackDexcom G6 CGM Sensor - 3-Pack
    Dexcom G6 CGM Sensor - 3-Pack


    Goodbye, Fingersticks! Hello Dexcom G6 Sensors - Pack of 3 The newly improved sleek and slim Dexcom G6 sensors continuously measure your glucose levels and send that data wirelessly to a display device through a transmitter. When the Dexcom G6 Sensor is attached to a transmitter it offers real-time glucose readings on your smart device or on the Dexcom G6 Receiver. You can use these thin, cutting edge, Dexcom G6 sensors with your DexCom G6 Transmitter and DexCom G6 Receiver in order to get your glucose readings in real time. The G6 sensors transmit glucose levels wirelessly to your display device using a Transmitter, which you can then read on the Receiver.

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    Roche 04837975001 CoaguChek XS PT/INR Meter,
    Roche 04837975001 CoaguChek XS PT/INR Meter,


    The CoaguChek® XS system is a convenient, portable and user-friendly instrument for monitoring oral anticoagulation therapy. It determines the INR value (International Normalized Ratio) from a drop of capillary whole blood. it’s simple, precise and reliable. CoaguChek® XS is ready to use anywhere, any time. You can test yourself at home, school, work or on vacation. (Test strips and Safe-T-Pro lancets sold separetely). Accurate PT/INR results in one minute. Built-in quality control checks each and every strip automatically. Lab-equivalent accuracy and precision. No more time consuming trips to the hospital or to your local surgery. Don’t worry about holidays – you can take your INR meter with you. You no longer need to take time off work to attend hospital or GP appointments.

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    Dexcom CGM G6 Transmitter Expiry Date 12/30/2023Dexcom CGM G6 Transmitter Expiry Date 12/30/2023
    Dexcom CGM G6 Transmitter Expiry Date 12/30/2023


    The Dexcom G6 transmitter offers real-time glucose readings on your smartphone or on the Dexcom G6 Receiver.  This new and improved CGM product line from Dexcom allows quicker access to your numbers so you can take action immediately. The Dexcom G6 transmitter features a new design over Dexcom’s previous models, G4 and G5. It has a lower profile which makes it even more discrete. With the new breakaway feature, the transmitter snaps out for easy removal when your sensor session is done.   Use the Dexcom App to view, analyze and share your results with your healthcare providers. Dexcom G6 App allows up to 5 followers. The following requires the use of the Dexcom Follow App. In order to use the Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, you need to have the Dexcom G6 Transmitter, the Dexcom G6 Sensors, and a qualifying smart device or the Dexcom G6 Receiver.

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    Dexcom G7 Sensor (1 Pack)Dexcom G7 Sensor (1 Pack)
    Dexcom G7 Sensor (1 Pack)


    Dexcom G7 Sensor (1 Pack)   The dexcom G7 Sensor is the perfect tool for managing and monitoring your long-term glucose health. With its continuous, reliable and precise real-time monitoring, the G7 Sensor is necessary for uninterrupted health management.   Its advanced sensor technology provides you with the most accurate and up-to-date glucose readings, giving you the data you need to make informed decisions for your long-term health.    Features: Know where your glucose levels are at and track where they're headed. Customizable Alerts - Set up Alert Levels so you can get a High Alert or Low Alert when readings are below or above a target range. 60% smaller and can be worn discreetly on the upper arm. The Dexcom G7 app gives you the flexibility to customize alert sounds and settings to best fit your needs and lifestyle.  With the dexcom G7 Sensor, you can feel confident that you are getting the most reliable and precise data for your health.

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    Dexcom G6 Receiver   Dexcom G6 Receiver is a display device the shows glucose readings and trending information and will alert the user if high or low glucose thresholds are reached. Compatible smart devices can be used to display results collected by the Dexcom G6 Sensor. Glucose readings collected by  are sent via Dexcom G6 transmitter to the G6 receiver for display, analyze and share. Dexcom G6 Receiver is black; interchangeable pink, blue, and black covers included

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