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Omnipod 5, Intro Kit



  • Wearable, Waterproof, and Tangle-proof
  • Get 3 days (up to 72 hours) of continuous insulin delivery with NO injections
  • SmartBolus calculator, the only AID system with a built-in bolus calculator that automatically incorporates your CGM data and trend

Brand Omnipod
Ndc 08508-3000-01
Packaging Box
Contents 1 Controller, Two 5 Packs , 1 Training Pod","Dexcom Sold Separately, See below
Part number SKT-H001-G-X9

Omnipod® 5 Tubeless, automatic insulin adjustments

Omnipod 5, the first and only tubeless, automated insulin delivery system to integrate with Dexcom G6 is now available.

Omnipod 5 helps simplify life with diabetes: no multiple daily injections, tubes, or fingersticks* necessary! 

  • Cleared for people with type 1 diabetes aged 2 years and older 
  • Helps keep you in range day and night
  • Monitor your glucose levels and insulin dosing all with the option for full control right from your compatible smartphone
  • The Omnipod 5 system includes a waterproof tubeless insulin Pod that can be worn almost anywhere you’d inject insulin.  
  • Each Pod still lets you trade multiple daily injections for up to 3 days (72 hours) of continuous insulin delivery. 


Now, the Pod is automated, CGM integrated and highly anticipated—helping to simplify life in so many ways.

*Fingersticks are required for diabetes treatment decisions if symptoms or expectations do not match readings.
  • For a list of compatible smartphone devices visit omnipod.com/compatibility.
  • The Pod has an IP28 rating for up to 25 feet for 60 minutes. The Controller is not waterproof. 3 Simple Parts of the Omnipod 5 Insulin System
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