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TENA ProSkin Night Super Pads



  • Dry-Fast Core™ technology to promote dry skin
  • Comfort and leakage security
  • Light and airy 2-Piece pad and pant system
Size Dimension

Absorbency level Heavy
Color Green
Latex free Yes
Manufacturer Essity HMS North America Inc
Packaging 48/Case
Size dimensions 27 Inch Length
Type Pads
Part number SCA-62718
  • TENA® Night Super Pads are designed for heavy to very heavy urine and/or fecal incontinence protection
  • Dry-Fast Core™ technology – a dual core and super absorbent polymers – is designed to rapidly pull urine away from the skin into the product for greater security and skin dryness
  • Light and airy 2-piece pad and pant system design is open on the sides, leaving more skin surface exposed to the air
  • Secure the pad with breathable TENA® Comfort Pants
  • The 2-piece pad has a contoured core with oval shaped elastics to promote improved comfort and leakage protection
  • Wetness indicator so there is no need to open the product to find out if it needs changing
  • The wetness indicator on the outside turns from yellow to blue to show when it needs to be changed
  • Ideal for day or nighttime usage
  • They work best when combined with TENA® Comfort™ Pants as this will provide a more discreet, body-close fit

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