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TENA Intimates Overnight Pads



  • Helps protect your sensitive, intimate skin.
  • Designed for nighttime usage.
  • Super absorbent core for continuous heavy bladder leakage","whether standing up or lying down
Size Dimension

Absorbency level Heavy
Color White
Latex free Yes
Manufacturer Essity HMS North America Inc
Packaging 84/Case
Size dimensions 16 Inch Lenght
Type Pads
Part number SCA-54282
  • TENA Intimates™ Overnight offers triple protection to help keep you free from leaks, odor, and moisture
  • ProSkin™ Technology includes a soft top layer and exclusive 3D technology to quickly wick liquid away to keep skin protected
  • Super absorbent core for continuous heavy bladder leakage, whether standing up or lying down
  • Worry free night designed for nighttime usage
  • Overnight bladder pads are also perfect for women experiencing post-partum incontinence
  • Each pad is individually wrapped for discretion

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