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Crinklz Printed Adult Diapers Astronaut Print



  • Plastic / poly backing with the Crinklz and friends Astronaut print.
  • Strong tapes
  • Extra high leak barriers

Absorbency amount 39.5 oz
Absorbency level Max/Overnight
Manufacturer BetterDry
Packaging 60/Case
Size Medium
Tape tab Double Tape
Type underwear with tabs
Part number BTD-60300
Waist size range 29-43 in

Absorbency You Can Rely On In An Out Of This World Package

No matter whether you are waiting on the launchpad or performing an extravehicular activity – Crinklz Astronauts have you covered. From liftoff to splashdown, Crinklz Astronauts provide all the protection you need for your activities.

A normal bladder holds up to 500 ml / 16 oz. With a real-world absorbency* of 1120 ml / 39.5 oz the Crinklz Aquanaut diapers will get you through days and nights without having to worry about leaks. They will keep you dry through more than two full voids. The extra tall standing leak guards (5,5 cm/2.1 in) will ensure a dry bed even if you sleep on your side, while the elasticized waist and back ensure a snug fit. Should your adventures require even more absorbency, the extra tall standing leak guards will securely accommodate diaper doublers for added absorbency.


Product Safety

Our diapers are manufactured in the European Union in accordance with medical device regulation so you can rely on their consistent quality and the absence of harmful materials, for example those listed in California Proposition 65. You do not have to worry about latex either, since our diapers are latex free.


Cuteness And Comfort

The printed backsheet with Crinklz, his friends, and lots of space adventures is slightly elastic. The plastic outer shell feels comfortable and snug when you move around. The extra smooth, micro textured plastic exterior prevents chafing between the thighs even when you walk around all day. After the diapers have been used, you can feel confident that no telltale smell will develop since the anti-odor components in the diaper will contain it. An ink wetness indicator that disappears when wet helps caregivers to determine when a change is needed. The odor protection is so advanced that one may not be able to smell when the diaper has been wet.


Flexibility For Active Explorers

In contrast to pull-on diapers, you can change these diapers standing up without removing your pants. This gives you great flexibility to change (or get changed) wherever you need to. The extra-large tape tabs will keep the diaper securely where you put it.


Social Responsibility

Our diapers are manufactured in Europe, and we cram as many diapers into a package as possible to reduce their carbon footprint. We also keep innovating to make our diapers as sustainable as possible without sacrificing performance. Further, we pay fair, European wages and buy raw materials from trusted suppliers. This gives you the freedom to enjoy our diapers’ protection with peace of mind.


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